Telecom Equipment Platforms and Accessories

Internationally known as “the Original Innovator of the non-penetrating rooftop equipment platform", ASP has designed platforms to support specific wireless equipment. Whether voice, video or data equipment, ASP’s telecom platforms are designed to support each type of equipment over a minimum area while disbursing weight at the pounds per square inch established by the roofing manufacturers.

By utilizing ASP’s support platforms, carriers and contractors have drastically reduced construction cost and time, reducing the number of days for site preparations and rooftop installations to a matter of hours.

In addition to non-penetrating rooftop equipment platforms, we also carry shelter platforms, elevated platforms, I-Beam platforms, antenna mounts, cable trays, waveguide bridges and a wide range of accessories.

Some of our major telecom projects include…

  • International Projects completed in Peru, Canada, Netherlands, Puerto Rico for various carriers.
  • Nationwide Build out for Metricom in all 48 contiguous states.
  • Regional Build outs for VoiceStream (T-Mobile); Sprint PCS; Verizon; Cingular; AT&T Wireless, Clearwire, XM Sirius throughout the 48 contiguous states.

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