Non-Penetrating Rooftop Equipment Platforms

ASP’s Equipment Platforms offer what no other do… a reliable method for fast tract installations while cutting construction cost in manpower and material. The fast tract installations allow carriers to start up weeks, maybe months, before schedule.While we provide standard and modular platforms, we also offer a professional design team ready to create a platform to suit your application.

Standard platforms are designed support the specific equipment of many major telecom companies.

Some of the many advantages of using ASP’s Non-Penetrating Rooftop Equipment Platforms include:

  • No Roof Penetration – Eliminates the liability of long term maintenance and roof leaks cause by altering roof systems
  • Protects the Integrity and Warranty of the Roof – Acts as a separate system from the roof so that it is not affected by thermal expansion and contraction which can cause roof damage
  • Easily Installed and Maintenance Free – No cranes, no pitch pans, no roof curbs, no adhesives and no welding on rooftops
  • Assists in Site Acquisitions – Meets the pounds per square inch requirements for all roofing manufacturers – The ultimate in roof protection

Non-Penetrating Rooftop Equipment Platforms Specifications

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