About Advanced Support Products

Advanced Support Products is nationally known as the “original innovator” of the equipment support platform. We manufacture and market a unique patented family of non-penetrating rooftop supports including equipment platforms and antenna mounts to the telecommunications industry, as well as pipe support systems and equipment support platforms to the HVAC, mechanical, electrical and commercial roofing industries.

Our History

In 1996, Advanced Support Products (ASP) was formed with a management team with a combined expertise of half a century in building materials, commercial roofing, HVAC and general contracting, including telecommunications site building. With an eye on the future and a recognized awareness of the telecommunication industry's need for a more efficient way to install equipment supports and antenna mounts, Advanced Support Products received its first patent in 1998 for a new type of equipment base. This innovative base forms the nucleus and is the building block for an ever-growing family of products designed to provide a better structurally engineered support system, while also ensuring a significant increase in the bottom line profit margin on construction cost.

What We Do & Who We Service

Telecom Market

The management team at Advanced Support Products understands that rapid deployment and cost containment are the key objectives of the construction management teams charged with the mission of getting cell site locations up and running as quickly as possible. In the United States alone, many companies such as Sprint and Cingular have created strategic positioning of their construction teams in major cities.

During the past several years, the company has established strong relationships with many wireless carriers in voice, radio and data fields. These carriers have been pleased to find that ASP can get their equipment installed and operating quickly. In today's business world where convenience for the customer is crucial, ASP has become somewhat of a “one-stop-shop” to supply all support products required for wireless applications including supports for waveguides, antenna, shelters, microwaves, cable trays, electrical conduit, walk ways and work platforms.

The established engineering team has the ability to do quality drafting and design work without delays. Equipment platforms are readily available and have been designed for specific equipment manufactured by the leaders within the industry including Nortel, Lucent, Nokia, Motorola and Seimens. Custom rooftop equipment platforms for specific applications can be easily modified or designed. Customers such as these on-site construction teams can simply contact ASP and provide a variety of information, including type, weight and dimensions of the equipment to be supported and the design team will develop a platform or support system that will meet or exceed their needs. The experienced management team at ASP understands bottom line needs and will work with its clients to deliver quick turnaround so that sites can be installed in a timely manner.

HVAC Market

Advanced Support Products realizes the need to maintain commercial roofing systems from costly roof damage, which results in roof leaks. The goal of ASP is to offer products designed to keep commercial rooftops in warranty and provide an economical way to avoid roof damage.

Why does a new twenty-year roof leak in only three to five years? It's probably not the fault of the roofing materials. The problem is that the piping and equipment placed on the roof moves with vibration and thermal expansion, causing a gouge in the roof membrane. The result is a leak with very expensive roof repairs!

The support systems utilizing Advanced Support Products are designed to allow the piping and equipment as well as the roofing membrane to expand and contract without causing damage to the roof system. ASP pipe hanger supports are adjustable and can equally share the piping and equipment load. ASP support systems do not penetrate the roof membrane. They are installed with a patented weight-disbursing base on top of the roofing membrane, distributing the load over the surface of roof to meet the pounds per square inch required by the roofing manufacturers.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, roofing consultant, contractor or building owner, look into the advantages of Advanced Support Products for all types of roofs. To get the full service out of your design with the support system that eliminates the number one cause of roof failure call ASP today.

Metal Fabrication

As a leader in the metal fabricating industry, Advanced Support Products has earned our reputation by providing quality and dependability with on-time delivery and competitive pricing. With in-house drafting and AutoCAD drawings, we can provide custom designs for any application. Engineering services are also available in all 50 states.

State-of-the-art equipment allows ASP to provide full service metal fabricating. From custom design services to a galvanized finished product, ASP can accommodate any size turnkey metal fabricating project.

While our proven tract record of successful projects and services speaks for itself, we welcome the opportunity to bid on any metal fabricating job.

Strut Division

H-Strut Metal Framing system, a series of metal channels and fittings to fit your every construction need from supports for sprinkler systems, electrical conduit or any other piping systems you require, as well as construction of mezzanines, walkways, guard rails, etc.

There is also a multitude of OEM applications in industries such as conveyors, scaffolding, truck body parts, electronic enclosures and many others.

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